The Austrian-Swiss-German (ASG)-Fellowship was erected 1978 by Hans Mau, representing the German, Franz Endler the Austrian, Erwin Morscher the Swiss orthopaedic associations. The first group of Fellows visited the Anglo-American countries in 1979. Since then two German, one Swiss and one Austrian orthopaedic surgeon are visiting orthopaedic departments in UK, Canada and the US for six weeks. In 1984 the ASG-Fellowship gained additional importance by being associated to the „Emerging Leaders Program“ of the American Association of Orthopaedics (AOA). Since 1998 every second year American, Canadian and British orthopaedic surgeons are visiting as well orthopaedic departments of university hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

ASG - Alumni Association

After his own fellowship Prof. Hans-Werner Springorum has founded the ASG-Alumni association in 1983. Since then they meet on a regular basis at the Baden-Baden-, Berlin- and connected to the AAOS-Meeting.  The ASG-tie and foulard are examples of his merits as long-standing ASG-Fellow- Secretary. He organized the traditional meetings and delivered his famous witty speeches.

These meetings offer opportunities to build and maintain friendship. The Alumni has grown up to more than 160 members. Since 2008 Prof. Anke Eckardt took over the function as the ASG-Secretary.


A dedicated commission of the national orthopaedic associations selects the candidates. The typical profile of a candidate constitutes of venia legendi, experience as a consultant and reference of the head of the institution. The candidate should not be older than in his/her early forties.

The ASG- (Austria-Switzerland-Germany) Fellowship is one of the most prestigious awards of the German-speaking orthopaedic associations.

During 6 weeks one Austrian, one Swiss and two German orthopaedic surgeons see orthopaedic centres in the Anglo-American countries to present results of their own research, to initiate a scientific dialogue and build personal relationships. At the occasion of the scientific ASG - session at the south-German orthopaedic associations meeting in Baden-Baden the fellows are introduced. This is followed by the traditional asparagus-lunch, where the fellows report on their journey and are affiliated in the ASG-Alumni – association.

The photograph shows the ASG-Fellows 2016 from left to right Björn Rath (Aachen), Gerald Gruber (Graz), Anke Eckardt, Heiko Reichel, Stefan Landgraeber (Essen), Samy Bouaicha (Zürich).

1998 the American Orthopaedic Association (AOA) founded an exchange grand, special thanks goes to Stuart L. Weinstein, Iowa. Since then two Americans, one Canadian and one British orthopaedic surgeon visit orthopaedic centres in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The fellows end their excursion by presenting their scientific work on the occasion of the congress meeting in Baden-Baden.

The photograph shows the 4 ASG-Fellows 2016 Andrea Veljkovic (Canada), Eric Edmonds (US), Simon Mears (US) and Mathew Sewell (UK), together with Anke Eckardt during their trip through Switzerland.