PD Dr. med. Christian Wurnig

Christian Wurnig

Current Position:


Clinical Focus:

  • Arthoscopy, Shoulder, Elbow

Scientific Focus:

  • Arthoscopy


  • Universita Hospital Vienna, Ortopaedic Hospital Vienna Speising


  • Reichelt, Eysel , Elke,


  • 1998

Ritschl P., Wurnig Ch., Lechner R., Roessner A.
Parosteal osteosarcoma. 2-23-year follow-up of 33 patients.
Acta Orthop. Scand. 62 (1991), 195-200

Wurnig Ch., Eyb R., Auersperg V.
Indometacin for Prevention of Ectopic Ossification in Cementless Hip Arthroplasties. A Prospective 1 Year Study of 100 Cases.
Acta Orthop. Scand. 63 (1992), 628

Stockenhuber F., Keil M., Wurnig Ch., Kurz W., Gottsauner-Wolf F., Balcke P.
Impaired erythropoietin responsiveness in anaemic rheumatoid arthritis in patients: potential relation to immune mechanisms.
Clin. Science 86 (1995), 633-638

Kurz R. W., Graf B., Gremmel F., Wurnig Ch., Stockenhuber F.
Increased serum concentrations of adhesion molecules after coronary angioplasty.
Science 87 (1994), 627-633

Wurnig CH., Windhager R., Schwameis E., Kotz R., Zoubek A., Stockenhuber F., Kurz R. W.
Prevention of chemotherapy-induced anemia in patients with primary malignant bone tumors (a double blind, randomized, Phase III study).
Transfusion Vol. 36, 1996

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