Dr. med. Univ. Prof. Michael Ogon

Michael Ogon

Current Position:

Head of Department III (Spine Surgery) Orthopaedic Hospital Speising, Vienna

Clinical Focus:

  • Spine surgery


  • Orthopaedic Surgery

Scientific Focus:

  • Spine, clinical and basic science


  • University Innsbruck, University of Iowa, Orthopaedic Hospital Speising


  • Neurosurgery and Surgery Technical University Munich, Orthopaedics Konstanz


  • University Freiburg and University Innsbruck


  • Habilitation (PhD) 1998 Innsbruck, Professor 2010 Vienna


  • Board Member: EuroSpine, SASS, Austrian Spine Society, AOSpine


  • Heino Kienapfel, Michael Wagner, Jose Romero


  • 1999

Ogon M., Krismer M., Söllner W., Kantner-Rumplmair W., Lampe A.
(1996): Chronic low back pain measurement with visual analogue scales in different settings.
Pain 64: 425-428

Ogon M., Haid Ch., Krismer M., Jesenko R., Wimmer C.
(1996): The possibility of creating lordosis and correcting scoliosis simultaneously after partial disc removal Balance-Lines of lumbar motion segments.
Spine 21, 21: 2458-2462

Ogon M., Haid Ch., Krismer M., Sterzinger W., Bauer R.
(1996): Comparison between single screw and triangulated double screw fixation in anterior spine surgery. A biomechanical test.
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Ogon M., Bender B. R., Hooper D. M., Spratt K. F., Goel V. K., Wilder D. G., Pope M. H.
(1997): A Dynamic Approach to Spinal Instability. Part I: Sensitization of intersegmental motion profiles to motion direction and load condition by instability.
Spine 22, 24: 2841-2858

Ogon M., Bender B. R., Hooper D. M., Spratt K. F., Goel V. K., Wilder D. G., Pope M. H.
(1997): A Dynamik Approach to Spinal Instability. Part II: Hesitation and giving-way during interspinal motion.
Spine 22, 24: 2859-2866

Ogon M., Maurer H., Wimmer C., Landauer F., Sterzinger W., Krismer M.
(1997): Minimal-invasive Zugänge und Operationsverfahren an der Lendenwirbelsäule.
Orthopäde 26: 553-561

Wimmer C., Krismer M., Gluch H., Ogon M., Stoeckl B.
(1999): Autogenic versus allogenic bone grafts in anterior lumbar interbody fusion.
Clin Orthop 360: 122-126

Ogon M., Aleksiev A. R., Pope M. H., Wimmer C., Saltzman C. L.
(1999:) Does arch height affect impact loading at the lower back level in running?
Foot Ankle Int 20 (4): 263-266

Rachbauer F., Ogon M., Wimmer C., Sterzinger W., Huter B.
(2000): Glenohumeral osteoarthrosis after the Eden-Hybbinette procedure.
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Ogon M., Sepp N. T., Wimmer C., Behensky H.
(2000): A surgical wound infection which wasn’t an infection.
Lancet 356

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